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“Personalized medicine is about designing a treatment based on both the patient’s underlying characteristics and the tumor’s underlying characteristics. Our researchers and clinicians collaborate or provide much more effective cancer treatments. Personalized medicine is about keeping patients at the center of research.”

Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., MD
Director, Yale Cancer Center Physician-in-Chief,
Smilow Cancer Hospital
at Yale-New Haven

Closer to Free

A cancer diagnosis is devastating—for the patient and for their family.  At Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New-Haven, no one faces cancer alone.  We partner with our patients and their loved ones to provide personalized treatments and compassionate care to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Every day we work to develop new cancer therapies based on groundbreaking research.  Our consummate goal is to improve each patient’s prognosis. 

Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital have joined forces to create Closer to Free, a fund that provides essential funding for breakthrough cancer research and compassionate patient care by combining the gifts of many donors.  This support is critical to ensure that new research can be pursued without delay, promising treatments are aggressively developed and patient care is continuously enhanced. 

By supporting Closer to Free, you help us turn bold, innovative ideas into powerful new cancer therapies. Your donations not only advance great science. Your contributions support our deep commitment to personalized medicine.  Please join our united efforts to achieve a new standard for cancer research and treatments.